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Corpus Christi

We share with you a reflection written by one of our Nuns after a bereavement for the Solemn feast which we have just celebrated.

We couldn’t feed him.

Full of knowledge and know how,

We didn’t know how.

And our minds searched.

A body broken.

“Through the mill” they said.

“Such a pity” they said.

And our hearts trembled.

His thirst we couldn’t quench.

All that remains is to wait.

And wait.

And our lips quivered.

“A man of suffering we beheld him”.

His weakness gnawed at me.

Our powerlessness screamed out to me.

And my own longing awakened.

I felt my own hunger.

My throat parched in thirst.

I ached for You – who love first.

And I devoured You.

The Bread of my Longing.

I knew he was held in You.

I knew that I am held in You.

That all is in held in You.

Holocaust burned entirely.

Oblation poured out generously. Life given up.

And Bread eaten,

assurance of Eternal Life.

O Lord consume me too.

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