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Indian Foundation

As women who love the Lord and want to share His love with others, our enclosure walls serve not to separate us from the world but as a space where all is contained. All people, all needs, and we hold them in hearts that dwell in prayer, in silence and recollection.


The gift of the contemplative life to each one of us is a treasure of grace and we wish to enable others to live the gift of this vocation.


In the past, our Monastery of St. Alphonsus, Dublin, has founded the Redemptoristine Monastery in England, and built the Monasteries of Kezmarok and Vranov in Slovakia. We have also sought to support our Nuns in Ukraine.

Poster India.png
Marigolds and Colorful Bells

It is our hope now to turn our attentions to the East. To India. 

Despite the huge numbers of women Religious in India, possibilities for the living of a wholly contemplative life according to current Church Norms, are few.


We are delighted to have 3 women from India with us here in the monastery for their formation and preparation for a new monastery in India in the future.

This is a long-term dream for us that will take many years to be fulfilled. Please hold these courageous women and ourselves in your prayers as we discern together God's dream for our Order in India!


If you feel God calling you to our Indian foundation, contact us.

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