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Image by Jon Moore

New Arrivals

Iconography is prayer in action, and compliments our own prayer life.  In iconography you can change and repair everything.   Emotions can be moved while praying the icon, which helps to free the mind, and allows a healing to take place within you. All of this happens with you and the Lord alone.

We try to discover the invisible through writing the icon. We ask ourselves: What is our calling about?  It is a passing from the invisible to the visible.  The passage of something that is uncreated, from darkness to light. The process of climbing – there’s expectations – what are these expectations – like Peter, James and John climbing the mountain, needing the courage and being thought how to climb with the Lord.  In writing an icon we realise we are climbing the mountain and its not so easy.  There is a lot of abandonment and we feel somewhat desperate at times.  We are called to be apart, to be on the threshold – away from the ordinary and moving into something new, exciting, and seeking and discovering Christ in a deeper way in our life. Transformation takes place in me by only letting the Lord, into my darkness, and my shadows.  


We gain a tremendous knowledge and depth about Christ in our lives while writing the icon when we allow the solitude to help us to listen and hear Jesus Christ speaking to us – it is here where the Lord speaks.  We get knowledge and wisdom from the Lord and we will be able to say - taste and see how good the Lord is.  


Retreat 2021

A short video from our 2021 Icon retreat.

Prayer: is the essential element in the call to write an icon: we pray before our icon when the times of difficulties comes before us. 

Light is presented in a manner that underlines the supernatural character of the icon. There is no sharply outlined shadow on the icon, only a certain degree of object shadow. The face, robes, hills and buildings are modeled by giving them lighter or darker shades of the local color. It is the gold that gives the icon its lumination.  

The icon is not complete - or legitimate as a holy image - before the namehas been written on it. The inscription identifies the icon and also expresses the close association between name and person; between word and image.


You can view some of our most recent icons below:

We are called through iconography to bring the Lord more present into the lives of others, your icon will be a window opened to heal, tranform, and witness making us real disciples ready to listen to the voice of the Lord.


In icons one eye is bigger than the other, one looking to God and the other to humanity.  The ears are normally large, one slightly bigger than the other, one listening to God and the other to humanity. The mouth is always closed.  There’s nothing more to be revealed, all revelation is in Christ.

The nose is usually long with small nostrils, representing the senses, the challenge of conversion and the challenge of prayer, we are lifted up like incense to God.  The senses are very important in icons. 

The icons written by our Sisters are written in prayer. They are available for purchase for an offering of your choosing.

As the icons are blessed and anointed with Chrism, they cannot be sold. 

We have provided a suggested offering which takes into account the materials used and the time taken to prepare both boards and the icon itself. If you would like to make another offering for the Icon to that displayed, please contact us via the contact us form on our website. 

Icons can also be commissioned using the same form.

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