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Sr. Gabrielle

Born in Co. Tipperary in the valley between the Galtee and Knockmeldown mountains of farming stock, which instilled an appreciation of nature in me. The youngest of four children I enjoyed a normal upbringing with lots of love and affection from family and neighbours.

The village of Ballylooby where I attended the National school consisted of the Parish Church, three pubs, a post office that doubled as a sweet shop, creamery and Garda station. While attending the Mercy Convent in Carrick-On-Suir I felt drawn to a life of total dedication to God and on hearing about the Redemptoristines I was immediately struck by the vision of becoming part of this great work of redemption for all people. This has been my inspiration and the Holy Redeemer has been the source and object of my joy and love over the years.

We are encouraged to develop our talents and interests in community. I love music and play the organ and zither for liturgy. Reading is a great relaxation for me and I am also completing a distance learning theology degree course that is immensely enriching. Art, colour and other creative things bring to me the vibrancy of life.

The longest journey that any person can make is from the head to the heart and this has been the great challenge of my monastic life since it is there that I experience God and am enabled to make this divine life fruitful for humanity. It is fulfilling, valuable and fills me with a radiance that has to be experienced to be believed.The journey to realising a vocation is different for everyone. Here we share some of our stories.

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