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Sr. Mary Margaret

Tell us a little about you:


I was born in Marlborough Street, Dublin on the 22nd July 1933, baptised and mademy First Holy Communion and received Confirmation in the Pro-Cathedral.

Our family did not have much of this worlds goods especially during the war but one thing that we did have in abundance was happiness and love.

Leaving Marlborough Street School I went to the Dominican Convent in Cabra as we had moved to live in Cabra West.  It was quite a change being taught by nuns!  These were uneventful years.  When I was fourteen I joined the Legion of Mary.  That was the beginning of my search for Religious Life.  The question remained where best to live out this ideal?

I visited the Carmelite Nuns in Kilmacud and thought that maybe this would be the place, but I was not sure.  My confessor sent me to visit the Redemptoristines in Drumcondra.  Upon entering the hall door I knew this was where God wanted me to be.  The nuns struck me as of being of another world, the colour of their habits, everything about them spoke of a mystical realm for which I longed.

What attracted you to the Redemptoristines?:

My longing for the hidden life of our Lord attracted me to the Redemptoristines. The early years were difficult and sometimes quite a challenge. Prayer, trust and confidence in our Lord brought me through and I have always been happy. My vocation in the heart of the Church is my greatest treasure. It is now 70 years in Religious Life and I am in deep peace.

There were certainly very holy sisters in the community and each one striving to give of her best and accepting the daily challenge.  The main emphasis was the living out of our charism, that is, to be a living memory of Christ for each other and also to hold the needs of the world in our heart in prayer.  We gave time to the study of scripture.  The Gospel values became the mainstream of our lives striving to become Christ for one another – bringing a very happy and healthy atmosphere into our community living.  After Vatican II many things changed slowly but surely!

What is your favourite Scripture passage?:

My favourite Scripture passage is john 15:12-17. I chose it for my platinum jubilee.

“This is my commandment, love one another”.

This Gospel contains everything for me. It speaks volumes and has become very personal to me.

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